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What is "health cost sharing?"
"Health cost sharing" is a model of healthcare coverage in which a group of people pay a monthly sum (known as a “share”) to cover each other’s healthcare expenses.

These organizations operate very similar to traditional health insurance, except instead of paying an insurance company to cover your bills, you’re paying into a pool that you and your fellow members can access as healthcare needs arise.

In a traditional insurance model, you’d typically see a doctor in-network, pay your deductible and the doctor’s office bills the remainder to your insurance company plus any extras that aren’t covered.

In a cost sharing program, you pick your doctor, pay the cash rate (which is typically much lower) and the bill is picked up or reimbursed by the cost sharing organization subject to the rules of the pool.

For most healthy people, health cost sharing can replace current health insurance and save you a bundle of money.
How does health cost sharing differ from traditional insurance?
A cost-sharing co-op pools members’ monthly dues to share with fellow members as healthcare needs arise. The principles are similar to health insurance, you pay a monthly fee to receive a certain level of healthcare coverage, and when you submit a medical expense it’s “shared” by the cooperative, similar to how a claim would be “reimbursed.”

The awesome things about this model are: you choose your providers and care, it’s super-affordable compared to commercial insurance, it’s integrative-medicine-friendly and it’s based on peer-to-peer support---health-minded people sharing the healthcare costs of other health-minded people.

So, instead of paying an insurance company an exorbitant monthly amount for coverage you barely use, you’re paying into a health-minded community co-op that distributes your monthly share among members who require it, while incentivizing community and self-health creation.
Can I choose my own doctors with kNew Healthshare?
One of the biggest benefits of cost sharing is being able to choose your own providers -- there's no “network” -- and the model works on a reimbursement basis.

For example, if you sprain your ankle playing tennis you can go see any doctor you want. You’d simply present your card and ask if they can bill your health sharing program, and if they won’t you self-pay and submit the bill for reimbursement.

The kNew Health Cooperative will operate the same way, except we will share a greater variety of integrative health services like annual functional medicine physicals (more details on this to come).
What are the qualifications for becoming a member of the kNew Healthshare Cooperative?
Our inclusion criteria will consist of current and historical lifestyle choices (smoking, etc), pre-existing conditions and pharmaceutical use, and labs testing data. We will begin qualifying people though our app in mid 2018.
Who would and would NOT be a good fit for health cost sharing in the kNew Health Cooperative?
For launch, we're looking for health-conscious people in good health who care about their bodies, minds and communities.

This program will focus on incentivizing health creation to keep costs low. So you need to be interested in creating and maintaining your health and the health of your community to join.

Once we get established and as our membership bucket allows, we will welcome those with certain pre-existing conditions; provided they are willing to work with a health coach to improve (and even eradicate) their condition.
How exactly will this “sharing” model work? How do I know my money is being used as it should be?
In our current health insurance system, most of us pay exorbitant monthly fees for insurance coverage with no real guarantee all our medical expenses will be fully—or even partially—covered. And, make no mistake, health insurance companies are incentivized to delay, complicate and deny your claims as much as possible to maximize their profits.

It’s no wonder the insurance industry is one of the most mistrusted in all of America.

The kNew Health Cooperative will be run on an entirely different system using the ultimate transparent platform: the blockchain. If you’re not up on blockchain technology, don’t worry—it’s not as complicated as it may seem and you don’t have to be a tech person to get where we’re coming from. Put very simply, the blockchain is a decentralized (meaning spread out), peer-to-peer-driven technology which relies on transparency, community use and user’s satisfaction to exist and thrive. In other words: it’s the technology of community, driven by the people… not an exclusive group of investors or executives.

In the context of the kNew Health Cooperative, this revolutionary blockchain platform will allow us to:
+ Use an algorithm which ensures you’re never overcharged. This lets us accurately and fairly calculate your monthly share based on your individual health and the health of the co-op community.
+ Take only 10% of your monthly share to operate the co-op. The other 90% goes into the cooperative share bucket (traditional insurance companies only use about 50-60% of premiums to pay claims, without disclosing where the rest of your money goes).
+ Store all cooperative financial transactions publicly on the blockchain, so you know precisely where your money is going at all times.

While this all may sound too good to be true, it’s not. This is the future of technology and healthcare folks!.
What types of medical expenses will be eligible for sharing?
While we don’t have all the details of sharable expenses worked out yet, what we can tell you is the cooperative will not offer unlimited sharing of integrative medical expenses. This would cost well over $1000-$2000 a month per person, which doesn’t support our model to provide affordable, accessible cost-sharing.

What we are creating, is an affordable alternative to health insurance that reduces your wallet share, so you have more cash to spend on your chosen integrative functional medicine services.

We will share functional medicine services like annual physicals and you will have a health coach available should a health issue arise… along with sharing for emergencies and the unexpected, of course.
I'd like to know more, like who is providing the insurance, what is covered, what U.S. states will offer the coverage?
The kNew Healthshare Cooperative will be available in all 50 U.S. states. Each member will have a physician-supervised, functional medicine trained health coach available to them via text and telemedicine 24/7. You can see any provider for your annual physical (up to $400) before the unshared amount (equivalent of deductible).
How will diet/nutrition be integrated with program?
Every member will work with a functional medicine trained, physician-supervised health coach to execute on all their lifestyle factors, including diet. We've seen dramatic health results by addressing simple factors like sleep, relaxation, exercise, diet and nature.
Do I need to purchase a VIP Founding Membership for each of my family members?
Only one VIP Founding Membership is needed. It covers a person, couple or family, depending on how you will eventually apply.
Why do I have to wait until January 1, 2019, for coverage?
That’s when the old law mandating U.S. citizens to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) expires -- which is what has made it possible for us to do this now!
How does the kNew Healthshare Cooperative work with Medicare?
We're currently focused on creating a healthcare option for health-conscious people unhappy with their current options. For many, Medicare provides a significant advantage in qualifying for suitable healthcare.
What kind of coverage does the Knew Healthshare Cooperative provide for emergencies?
Health emergencies are covered up to $1mm per qualifying episode. Should an emergency occur, contact your concierge with 24 hours so they can take care of all payments and negotiations with the
What kind of monthly costs should I expect if I'm accepted as a member of the kNew Healthshare cooperative?
We expect to deliverer the following approximate costs in alignment with other cooperative organizations:

Single Individual
+ Under 30: $149
+ 30-65: $199
+ 65+: $224

+ Under 30: $199
+ 30-65: $299
+ 65+: $349

+ Under 30: $399
+ 30-65: $449
+ 65+: $499* 
What happens if you don’t get 10,000 people signed up? Do I get a refund?
No, but you won’t lose out either.

Your fee will go toward funding the kNew Vision Tour (which you’ll receive 2 tickets for with your purchase), which we’re doing specifically to get thousands of people signed up for the co-op. It will also go toward other promotional campaigns to raise awareness about integrative functional medicine, the healing power of community and the value of this co-op model.

Consider it a small investment in a brand new model of healthcare coverage, functional medicine awareness and your very viable chance to become a founding member. Plus, we have no intention of not reaching our 10,000-person goal! We’re staking an entire 40-city tour on it, so we’re in this with you all the way!
I'm a healthcare practitioner, how do I become a provider in the kNew Healthshare Cooperative?
To be a provider in our cooperative, please visit the kNew Health KPO site.
Apply to become a member of the kNew Health Cooperative and receive priority access* to the first round of onboarding. PLUS, get 2 Tickets to the kNew Health Bus Tour -- AND MORE!
*Application approval is based on qualification. Not all applications will be approved as Charter Members. Purchasing VIP or VIP+ Access is not a guarantee of approval, it simply gives your application priority review for consideration. VIP and VIP+ Access donation is non-refundable regardless of qualification.
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